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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Brain Balance Review

Ok, so how is it JUNE already?? The end of the school year is always such a hectic time - and this last week of school for Aidan is FLYING by!

I recently posted a review for the Brain Balance Program on Google, and I thought I would share it here as well. Lately, I have been getting a lot of blog traffic with people searching for Brain Balance Reviews, and I thought it would be helpful to have my thoughts in order for interested parents to find. Here goes…

"This program is simply amazing. We began our journey with Brain Balance in September 2010 with our then-5 year old son, Aidan. Aidan suffered from ADHD and sensory processing disorder, and was really struggling in Kindergarten. He was extremely impulsive, aggressive with peers and teachers, defiant, and in constant motion ALL of the time. We had tried medication on several occasions, with no success. Most were ineffective after a short time, or he could not tolerate the side effects. We had been treating Aidan with various biomedical interventions for almost 2 years at that point - interventions such as GF/CF diet, supplements, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, IV Chelation therapy, Chiropractic Care, Homeopathy and Occupational Therapy. These combined therapies cost us a fortune, and brought some positive changes, but often an illness could all but erase any progress he had made.

After having Aidan assessed at the Suwanee Brain Balance Center, we began using the Brain Balance Home Program with him. Over the next nine months, we saw slow but steady progress in Aidan's behavior - a gradual lessening of the frequency, intensity and duration of the aggressive and impulsive behaviors. As the school year came to an end, we were so encouraged by Aidan's progress with the Brain Balance Home Program that we KNEW we had to move heaven and earth so that he could attend the Brain Balance Program at a center. We split up our family, and my three boys and I relocated to Atlanta for about 5 months (June-October of 2011). Aidan attended 12 weeks of Pre-Brain Balance and then an additional 6 weeks of Brain Balance at the Roswell Center. We followed the program, to the letter. Exercises were done three times a day, every single day, no exceptions. We made the necessary lifestyle and diet changes, and stuck with it. This program requires a tremendous amount of effort, for both the children and the parents, but the results are absolutely worth it. And the Brain Balance staff is extremely supportive, always there to answer questions, and offer guidance and support for the children AND the parents.

We now exercise more as a family, and spend a lot less time watching TV and playing video games. The Brain Balance Program has completely changed Aidan's life, and has had a definite and positive impact on our entire family. Since completing the Brain Balance Program, Aidan has been an honor roll student every quarter, and his behavioral issues have lessened considerably. He is a much happier and more carefree little boy. We are very much looking forward to a summer vacation filled with camp (for the first time ever!), lots of beach time and play dates with his friends." (end of review)

Need some proof?

Let's talk about balance and coordination…less than three months ago, Aidan finally allowed us to take the training wheels off of his bike. Check out his latest accomplishment, first with Uncle Kyle.


And just a few minutes later, all by himself!



Curious about his much-improved social skills? Check him out, splashing with some classmates at the lake last weekend and having a ball!


This was the group of boys shouting, "Aidan, Aidan - come sit with us!" as we arrived at the teachers vs. students basketball game earlier this week!

(I didn't even care that he totally blew me off to sit with his friends, AND I managed not to tear up sitting on the bleachers! GO MOM!)

Academic accomplishments? We've got those too! In fact, just this morning, the family gathered to watch Aidan receive his award for making Honor Roll EVERY quarter!




And in the afternoon, I found out that Aidan's teacher had selected him to be the High Flying Hawk for her class for the month of May. This award is given monthly to the one student in each class who best embodies the character trait for that month. May's character trait? Determination. Mrs. Fruits sent me a photo of Aidan enjoying a treat with the other High Flying Hawks, and the following message:

"Determination - it can be his best friend or worst enemy, but one thing is for sure - Your boy sure is determined! Way to go Aidan - High Flying Hawk!"


LOTS of awards today!


But this last photo is a really powerful one…The bottom folder is Aidan's IEP folder from Kindergarten, and the top one is this year's First Grade IEP Folder. What a difference a year makes, especially if that year includes the Brain Balance Program!


Happy Summer Everyone!

Much love,


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