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Monday, May 7, 2012

How is it MAY already??

So can someone please explain to me how it is MAY already?? This spring is FLYING by - and I guess it doesn't help that we've been on the beach almost every weekend since mid-March! What spring?? It already feels like summertime!

So we're gonna back up a couple of weeks, so that I can share with everyone a few exciting things that have been happening for the Pence Clan. First thing's first - right before Spring Break, we got Aidan's 3rd quarter report card…
IMG 3825
ALL A's! HIGH HONOR ROLL! His reward? A basketball goal from his Mimi & Papa, and a trip to see Zac Brown Band on 5/12/12 in Atlanta from me and Andy! YAY! We are SO proud!

We spent most of the boys' Spring Break in Atlanta. Aidan and Aeson each had appointments for check-ups with Brain Balance - and we planned to revisit some of our favorite Atlanta places for some FUN!
Our appointments with Brain Balance went very well. Aidan's progress is amazing, across the board. Academically, he is on grade level or above in every single subject. The only area that needs some work is phonics, and we're on it! His math scores are off the charts (3rd grade level!), and his reading comprehension is much improved (and now above 2nd grade level). On the Interactive Metronome, his scores are holding steady - and he scored in the same range as an 'average' teenager! Dr. Pete was thrilled, and so are we!

We have seen SO much improvement in Aidan's coordination, balance, and confidence over the last few months. He has recently learned to ride a scooter, and a bike WITHOUT training wheels. He wants to learn to ride a skateboard, and to surf - I am equally excited and terrified by these new desires! Aidan also wants to learn how to throw a football (which he and Andy have been working on), and to play basketball - REAL basketball, Mom! Team Sports?? YES!

Aidan is still pretty emotional, and can get angry fairly quickly. We are also working through some "growing pains" and typical issues for seven year old boys - being respectful, remembering our manners, LOTS of sassiness. Pretty typical stuff, I would say. Dr. Pete recommended this book to me:
I'm about halfway through it, and I think it is fantastic! I would highly recommend it to ANY parent.

Aeson's turn - we had Aeson assessed in August or September of last year by Dr. Pete. Now Ace was 3 1/2 at the time, and very young for the Brain Balance Program. But we knew that he had a pretty significant speech delay, and was extremely difficult to potty train. Dr. Pete did a partial assessment then, really trying to get a good look at Aeson's primitive reflexes. Primitive Reflexes are your body's first reflexes, and they should all be gone by age 1, replaced by higher level reflexes. If primitive reflexes are still present beyond age 1, they should be viewed as an early sign of problems to come. Back in August, Dr. Pete was able to identify a couple of primitive reflexes still present in Aeson, and we slowly began a few exercises to correct them. This time around, Aeson was much more compliant with Dr. Pete, and he has quite a few primitive reflexes still present. Now we are focusing our time and attention on Aeson, and doing his exercises very diligently, like we have always done with Aidan. Aeson is getting the hang of the new routine, and his movements are becoming more fluid and controlled - GOOD SIGNS! Aeson, by the way, appears to be LEFT brain deficient (where Aidan was RIGHT brain deficient) - I guess my kids just like to keep us on our toes!

Finally, Dr. Pete and I made this video:

This is our entire Brain Balance story, from beginning to present. Please check it out, and feel free to share or repost it!

And now for the FUN! We had such a great time revisiting all of our old "stomping grounds" in Atlanta!
We had ribs at Slope's BBQ…
Aidan Brain Balance Slopes
Spent several afternoons at PLAY Place…
Aidan Aeson PLAYAeson Ashwin PLAYAidan Brian Balance PLAYPence Boys PLAY
We rode bikes and hung with our cousins, Kelsey and Alana, at the playground…
Pence boys bikesAidan Brain Balance bikePence Monkeys Brain BalancePence Boys PlaygroundAidan+Aeson+Ashwin+Kelsey+Alana
We visited ALL of our favorite (non-dairy) sweet treat places…
Aidan Aeson Brusters
Rita's Italian Ice…
Ash Ritas Brain BalanceRitas Aidan Aeson Ashwin
And our all-time favorite…Yogli Mogli!
Aeson Ashwim Yogli Mogli
We also visited our friends at the Brain Balance Center in Suwanee, where they have the coolest tree EVER on the wall! The leaves of the tree are the handprints of all of the Brain Balance graduates of the Suwanee Center. Our Brain Balance Journey began at the Suwanee Center, with Director Jennifer Williams, and Ms. Jennifer invited Aidan to put his handprints on her tree when he graduated. Aidan was THRILLED!
IMG 3931Aidan Brain Balance Handprint
Ms. Jennifer helped Aidan pick the perfect spot…
Aidan Jennifer Brain Balance
Viola! (FYI - Aidan wrote his own name on the wall. He was SO careful, so it would be just perfect!)
Brain Balance Tree Adian
Thanks, Ms. Jennifer! We are so proud and so honored to be a part of your tree!

Our final adventure was a trip to Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta on our way out of town, with Gogi, Alana, and Kelsey.
Aidan+Childrens+MuseumAeson+Gogi+Childrens+MuseumAshwin Kelsey Alana
Our whole motley crew…
Childrens Museum Group

WHEW! What a week! It was exhausting, but fun! Many thanks to Gogi, Alana, Aunt Kris and Kelsey for making room for all of us and helping with the monkeys.

In closing, I have a favor to ask. If you've followed my blog for more than a minute, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Zac Brown Band and all things Southern Ground. One of my very favorite artists, Sonia Leigh, has a brand new video that just came out, and it features members of ZBB. Please check it out, share, and repost it. Sonia and her band are amazing and you will NOT be disappointed!

Much Love,


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