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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Very Special 4th of July...and other great stuff to report!

Well, I told you earlier this week that we had a very special 4th of July...and we did! You see, the Zac Brown Band played a free show at Ft. Stewart on the 4th, and we were lucky enough to attend! Thanks to everyone who made that possible for us! My mom, Hannah, Aidan and I had an absolute blast! And Aidan was AWESOME! We had to wait for almost 2 hours to get in, and it was HOT! Aidan wore Mimi's big floppy hat and chilled under an umbrella in the shade!

The show was AMAZING!

Aidan took turns dancing in the chair, dancing on Mom's back, and sitting on Mimi's shoulders - singing the whole time!

After the show, we got to chat for a minute with songwriter Wyatt Durrette, and Aidan was thrilled to get to meet him. We even got to see some fireworks before we headed home!

What a super awesome 4th of July for us!

Tuesday, we packed up and headed back to Atlanta. We got to keep Miss Hannah for an extra day, and we went straight to Gogi's house when we got into town. Everyone got to swim, and Gogi fixed us an awesome dinner, poolside! Check out my little swimmers!

And finally, check out my littlest man on the DIVING BOARD!!

We had to take Hannah to meet her mom on Wednesday, and then we went to Brain Balance and PLAY Activity Center for some fun! Aidan got a trophy at Brain Balance on Wednesday too! He is working SO hard and we are so very proud of him!

Everyone loves it when Aidan gets a reward, as we all get to go to Yogli Mogli for a (non-dairy) sweet treat!

Not sure what this face was all about, but I though it was too cute not to share!

Thursday, we spent lots of time at PLAY, before and after Brain Balance. They have a great arts and crafts room, and my boys all love it!

Friday, Alana came with us to PLAY, and kept the little boys there while Aidan and I went to Brain Balance.

Aidan had another great session, and earned an apple for the wall! (2 rewards in three days - AWESOME!)

I should also mention that all this week, Aidan's poster was proudly displayed at the Brain Balance Center in Roswell! We made this poster for the show at Clemson, SC back in April, and Aidan held it high! It is signed by the entire Zac Brown Band and Wyatt Durrette, and is Aidan's most prized possession! Thank you Dr. Pete and Dr. Ed for allowing Aidan to show it off this week at the center!

Meanwhile, I had a progress report meeting with Dr. Pete. I will try my best to blog about that later tonight or tomorrow, but in a nutshell, Aidan is doing GREAT! We also had a very special, total surprise guest this weekend, and we had a super fun day at the Aquarium! For now, it's pool time and the boys are SO ready for some swimming!

Much Love,


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