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~ Swedish Proverb, from Dr. Robert Melillo's book, "Reconnected Kids"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back in the ATL for Round 2...

Well, it's been almost two weeks since my last post. Due to illness (mine), our one week at home turned in to almost two. I'm much better now, and we are back in the ATL. Aidan started his second session at Brain Balance on Monday. We are trying very hard to get back in the groove, but it is proving to be quite a difficult feat this time around. We'll get there, though!

So here are some highlights from our trip home to Savannah. We got to spend an afternoon at the beach with some of our favorite people - Mimi, Uncle Kyle, Nanny Ange, Aunt Margie, and Daddy!

Is there anything better than boiled peanuts at the beach? I think not!


The boys had a blast with Uncle Kyle!



And Daddy!

Ash found a crab!

We took several walks with Daddy.

The boys played lots in the back yard (while I played with a new cool app for my phone - check it out!)






Last Tuesday, Mimi played with the boys all day so that I could rest. When I got up, they showed me the new game they had created - "Old Lady Dodgeball" It was HYSTERICAL! Mimi sits on the throne and throws balls at the boys - and they have to kick the balls back to her to throw again. If Mimi runs out of balls, the game is over, and she never leaves the chair. Pure genius, I say. C'mon Mom, you knew it was going to make the blog, right? (I should also mention that when the boys and I played the game, we renamed it "Hot, Sexy Mama Dodgeball")




Ash wasn't so crazy about Dodgeball - he prefers the swing! Ashwing!

We even got some snuggle time with our girl Nanny on the couch!


We drove back to Atlanta on Saturday, and the boys were AWESOME in the car! We made it home just in time to watch our Dawgs blow it in the fourth quarter. Sigh. Sunday we went to the Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain with Gogi and Alana. Somehow, I didn't take a single picture. One kid on my back, one in the stroller, and a big monkey who wanted to touch EVERYTHING at an arts and crafts fair... no time for photos that day! The kids did get to make a couple of cool art projects, though.

Monday, we managed to hit the park twice, before and after Aidan's session at Brain Balance. We LOVE the park! See?



Today, we ran errands, went to the chiropractor, and had lunch and a beautiful rest at the condo. Aidan and I also worked on our Stone Mountain postcards...his focus and concentration has improved drastically over the last few weeks. He filled out TWELVE postcards, all by himself! AMAZING!

Who are the postcards for, you ask? Well, we have LOTS of pen pals! See?

We love to get mail, and to send mail in return! Do you have a letter/card/postcard on our fridge? If we get something for our fridge, we always send something for yours! Message me if you need the address. For those of you who send us mail frequently, thanks and please keep the love coming!

This is a short week for us in Atlanta - we'll be heading home on Thursday to spend the weekend with Daddy. Jackie's birthday is Friday, so please keep Andy and the rest of the Pence family in your thoughts and prayers. Take care, and we'll catch up soon!

Much love,


  1. Hey Allie Cat, Glad you're feeling better. Loving all the photos of happy little men. Next time, stick a few of you in there. Seriously. Don't make me come over there. :P

  2. My dear Amanda....go back one blog post - my mug is ALL over that one. Or just come over here. Seriously. I dare you..;)


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