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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All caught up....FINALLY!!

So this is a little out of order, but check out what Aidan and I did on Sunday! We carved the Brain Balance logo into a HUGE pumpkin, as a going away gift for Dr. Pete and the staff at the Roswell Center. How cool is this??

Dr. Pete was thrilled, along with everyone else at the center! It was quite a challenge to carve, but lots of fun too! And I think it turned out great! (Way to flex that art degree, right?)

Ok, so now picking up where I left off...

Friday morning, it was rainy and cold, so the boys made a fort to play in. It was even dark enough to break out the glow in the dark bracelets, for some extra special fun!

The view without the flash...

That afternoon, the little boys played in the Care room at PLAY for the last time, while Aidan had his session at Brain Balance. Everyone at PLAY place was really sweet - they all have been so wonderful to us, and they really love my little monkeys! Ms. Colleen (the director) had special little backpacks for the boys, as a going away treat! If anyone in the Roswell area is looking for a very cool and super fun place to play with their kids, I very highly recommend PLAY! Colleen does a great job - the facility is always neat and clean, the staff is super friendly, they have drop-off care available (which my kids all LOVE), weekly story time, and lots of fun classes available as well.

PLAY Activity Center
10930 Crabapple Road
Roswell, GA 30075
(Hwy 92 and Crabapple Road)

Check it out - and tell 'em Allie and the Pence boys sent you! ;)

Saturday morning, I packed up the monkeys and most of the little boys' stuff and we headed to Macon to meet Andy. Ace and Ash were heading home to Savannah! Ange and Reta had agreed to help Andy with the little boys during the days while he works, until Aidan and I got home Thursday evening! Thanks everyone! As we drove through Atlanta for the last time, we talked about ALL of the fun stuff we had gotten to do while we were in Atlanta. As we passed the exits, I listed off places we'd been - we really have gotten to do a LOT of cool things! The Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coca-Cola, The Children's Museum, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, A Braves game at Turner Field, The Atlanta Zoo, Stone Mountain, The Tellus North Georgia Science Museum, The Center for Puppetry Arts (ok, that one was kind of a doozy - at least the Muppets were there!) - LOTS of super cool FUN! Many thanks to everyone that came to play with us, and helped to fund our many adventures!

We met up with Andy just east of Macon, near Danville. We met in a church parking lot that had a basketball goal AND basketballs laying around to play with! Everyone got a much needed break from the car and had fun playing basketball - or trying to, at least!


Aeson gets a boost from Daddy for a basket!



I thought this picture of Ash was pretty cool - he was having NO part of looking at the camera!

Saturday evening, Aidan and I visited the local church pumpkin patch, in search of the biggest pumpkin that we could find. We found a whopper! I had a rather challenging project in mind. Later that evening, Aidan carved his first of two pumpkins, while I worked on making the stencil for mine. This was the first time that Aidan flew totally solo on the pumpkin carving.
First, he scooped the guts all by himself (saving the seeds, of course!)...

Then he drew his own design...

And finally, he carved his pumpkin all by himself!

Check out Aidan's handiwork...Didn't he do a great job?

And my sketch...This is gonna be tough!

Sunday, we hung around the house in the morning. Around lunchtime, we headed to Gogi's house to say goodbye. (She was going out of town for the week later that afternoon, and wouldn't return until after we'd gone home to Savannah) We've had a LOT of fun with Gogi, Uncle Bill, Aunt Kris, and Alana this summer - lots of pool time, great dinners, Stone Mountain adventures, babysitting, and even a little much needed grown up time for this Mama! Thanks for everything - we'll miss y'all! Gogi, I will definitely miss our late-evening porch visits! Let's stay in touch, ok??

After we left Gogi's house, Aidan and I ran some errands and did a little shopping. He had a little meltdown in Target, but calmed down quickly. I think we stayed up too late carving pumpkins and hanging out together. He did some exercises and brought it back down, and the rest of the day went on without further incident. That evening, Aidan carved his second pumpkin (for Gogi), and I carved my first! I think we did a mighty fine job, if I do say so myself! Aidan even helped quite a bit with my pumpkin! He is becoming quite a master pumpkin carver! Mad skills, just like his Mama! ;)



All of our pumpkins...

Monday was Aidan's last session at Brain Balance, and he earned not one but TWO awards for the wall! (That would be #29 and #30, if you're counting!!) Way to go, Aidan!

Dr. Pete and his staff were THRILLED with the pumpkin! They found a prominent spot in the office to proudly display it for all to see! And then bragged on facebook about it! Very cool!

Today, Aidan had his sensory motor assessment with Dr. Pete at Brain Balance, which I'm told he rocked! I'll get the official results on Thursday morning, and I know they will be AWESOME! That's all for now!

Much love,


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