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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching up....again!

Once again, I'm WAY behind - over a week behind this time! I'm sitting in the lobby at Brain Balance while Aidan has his sensory motor assessment with Dr. Pete. I can't wait to hear how awesome he is doing! Aidan's progress in the Brain Balance Program has been nothing short of a miracle for our entire family. We are so very proud of him, and so excited to see what the future holds for our little man!

So now, I'm going to attempt to catch you up on our adventures this last week. Taking you back, all the way to LAST Monday for the highlights! Last Monday, everyone got to play at PLAY place...


And Aidan earned another Brain Balance Award!

That night, I made a pot of collard greens - which my big boys LOVE! See?


Happy greens face!

Ash...not so much! I'm sure he'll come around in time!

Tuesday morning, we headed to the library for story time. The theme this week? DINOSAURS! The boys all got cool dinosaur masks...


Ash was having NO part of the masks...but he did like the kooky library lady's stuffed dinosaur!

Everyone got to make a cool dinosaur craft too! Ash made a hat...

And the big boys got to decorate these cool dinosaurs...


Nothing too special happened on Wednesday - Brain Balance, PLAY place, the usual!

But Thursday was EXTRA cool! We started the day in Roswell. Aeson had a recheck with Dr. Pete (he is most definitely LEFT brain deficient - the OPPOSITE of Aidan!), while Ash and Aidan played at PLAY place. (I was pretty nervous about leaving Aidan over there, but he did GREAT!) After that, we had some lunch and went to the chiropractor. While we were there, I saw on facebook where Sonia Leigh's street team captains were looking for folks to pass out flyers for her CD release show that night in Little Five Points. I messaged them that I had three monkeys who were available, and they messaged me right back to bring 'em on down. And so I did. Crazy, right? We made it to Little Five Points, and hooked up with Ginger and Susie (Co-Captians for Team Sonia) to get flyers. I had Aeson on my back, Ashwin in the stroller, and Aidan walking RIGHT beside me the ENTIRE time, passing out flyers. The Half-Pint Street Team in action! Aidan thought he was SO cool, street teaming for Sonia Leigh!



Sonia though so too - after the show, I showed her those pictures, and she signed an event poster for her "tiny little Street Team." The boys LOVED it!

Side note - Before Brain Balance, I would never have even thought about taking all three boys somewhere like Little Five Points. Too crowded, too busy, just NO way! But it was awesome, and the boys had a blast. And Aidan stayed RIGHT NEXT TO ME - not holding my hand, but walking beside me - and never attempted to run off, or even wander off the whole time! It was a LOT of fun for all FOUR of us!

After our Street-Teaming adventure, I had just enough time to get to Roswell and pick up the babysitter, feed everybody, change my clothes, and get out the door with Gogi for the show! We missed the opening act (bummer) but we managed to get pretty darned close to front and center for Sonia! The show was AWESOME! Time to hijack the blog again, for my own selfish purposes!
Sonia Leigh!

Jamming with THE keys man, Adam Holliday...

Some very special guest appearances by...
Sonia's Dad (and her inspiration) Dennis Rolling...

John Driskell Hopkins...

Coy Bowles...

And of course, Zac Brown!

I LOVE me some Sonia Leigh!

After the show, I got a photo with axe man, Will Harrison...

And funny man, and piano slayer, Adam Holliday...

Thanks for the photos, guys. Rizzi, I'll be looking for you in Jacksonville! Yours is the only photo I'm missing!

Sonia's new album, 1978 December, is available on itunes. Please do yourself a favor, and add it to your collection today! You will be very glad that you did!

I'm slightly over on my 600 word goal, so I'm gonna sign off here. More to follow very soon!

Much love,


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