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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My best attempt at 'frequent' and 'brief' with lots of pictures!

So Tuesday was a pretty fun day, for the most part. We started out with a trip to the chiropractor, and then story time at the library! (Thanks Gogi, that was a GREAT idea!) So the story time lady is a little kooky and tends to do things a little backwards (she STARTED story time with singing and dancing, complete with maracas for the kids - way to jack the kids up and THEN ask 'em to be quiet for a rather long story, lady!) But the kids enjoyed it immensely. There were a couple of stories, a couple of singing/dancing songs (one with bubbles), and a kitty-cat craft. See how much fun we had?




See our kitty-cats?


Here's a kitty-cat close-up - didn't they do a great job?

On our way out of the library, we just HAD to stop for a photo with the turtles outside...Ash insisted!

After lunch and a rest back at the condo, we rode bikes and plasma cars in the parking lot. Everyone loves the big hill - it's the perfect spot for plasma car races!

Tuesday evening got a little hairy, though. I tried to make everyone's favorite, chicken noodle soup, for supper. Long story short, one bad chicken leg ruined the whole pot of soup. When we realized that the soup was bad and we would have to make an alternate plan for dinner, Aidan Pence had a little meltdown. It took a while to calm him down - which hasn't happened in MONTHS. Weird. He lost all his stars, and so he had to do chores for an hour after dinner. (The upside to this is that he is becoming quite proficient at house cleaning - and he seems to enjoy it. I see weekly chores and an allowance in our near future, and I think that is a very good thing.)

Wednesday, we rode our bikes and cars and played on the playground at Riverside Park in the morning, which the boys thoroughly enjoyed. See?








All three kids in one shot? Twice?? GO MOM!



Wednesday afternoon, Aidan had his session at Brain Balance (his last official session with Ms. Susan, his sensory motor coach. Good luck in Colorado and we'll miss you, Ms. Susan!) Afterwards, we all went to PLAY place again. Ashwin discovered the cafe - it was very entertaining to watch!

And Aidan and Aeson had a ball playing in the rice!

Wednesday evening, we worked on more arts and crafts - lots of Halloween and Autumn cards, and TURKEYS!

Thursday morning, we went for a nature walk around the condo. The boys each collected a bag full of goodies, and we found a whole basket-full of pine cones!


We ran errands in the afternoon (chiropractor, Whole Foods, Dollar Tree) and rode our bikes at the condo in the evening. Oh, and I made my little monkeys a huge and perfect pot of chicken noodle soup, which everyone loved! Thursday night, we were in for a very special treat. Now I always read my monkeys a story or two before bed...but Thursday night, AIDAN read the stories! And he did a SUPER job!


Guess someone was paying attention at the library after all!

Well, I think I'm right at my 600 word goal, so I'm signing off before I overdo it! I'll tackle our weekend adventures a little bit later!

Much love,


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  1. We love your new and improved blog posts. Short and sweet with lots of great pictures of our handsome boys. We're just waiting on Thursday! Love Ya! Mom and Dad


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