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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best Day EVER, thanks to Brain Balance!

This post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. Brain Balance has truly changed Aidan's life, and I want the whole world to know it. This was Aidan's daily behavior log today. December 14, 2011 is definitely a day to celebrate!
IMG 2882

So far, in first grade, today was Aidan's BEST DAY EVER!! In the middle of the last week before Christmas break (probably the least structured time of year thus far) Aidan had his first OUTSTANDING day!! Remember the chart for Mrs. Fruits' students?
IMG 2464

Aidan's day was SO awesome, he is at the TOP of the chart!! Andy and I are SO proud of our little man, and so grateful to Mrs. Fruits (General Ed. teacher), Mrs. Harriott (SpEd teacher), and Ms. Kaimal (para-professional) for all of their hard work and dedication! We are so very fortunate to have such a caring group of people on Aidan's IEP team at May Howard!

So today's fantastic news got me thinking about this time LAST year, and I pulled out my (enormous) IEP folder from Kindergarten. This is what I found for December 14, 2010 - a record bad day for Aidan.
IMG 2883

You probably can't read the note that accompanied the behavior chart, so I'll summarize it for you. After a very lengthy assembly that morning, Aidan had great difficulty keeping his hands to himself. When the para-professional tried to put him in time out, he kicked her several times and then threw the time out chair at her. The principal was called, and Aidan spent the remainder of the day in her office. (He subsequently was not allowed to participate in the fun-filled "Polar Express" themed afternoon with the rest of the Kindergarteners.) WORST DAY EVER!

Wow, what a difference from this time last year to today! What's our secret? BRAIN BALANCE!! This program has truly changed Aidan's life, and it is by FAR the best investment we have ever made in his future. Dr. Pete Scire and Jennifer Williams - we are so very grateful for all your compassion and dedication to our entire family, especially Aidan. We could not be more thrilled with Aidan's progress, and excited to share his success with the world! Brain Balance is an AMAZING program, filled with driven, compassionate people with hearts bigger than the world!

Thank you, Ms. Jennifer...
IMG 2152
Thank you, Dr. Pete...
IMG 2379
THANK YOU, Brain Balance!!
Bb logo

Much love,


P.S. More to come very soon! Turkey Day in Virginia, a dinosaur birthday bash, and more! :)

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