"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it."
~ Swedish Proverb, from Dr. Robert Melillo's book, "Reconnected Kids"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our FUN weekend in Savannah! Arrrgh!

So Thursday was a late (and SUPER fun) night for us, and we were dragging quite a bit on Friday. Aidan and Andy ran a few errands, and the little boys and I did some shopping for cool weather clothes. We hung out at the house, and had a very low key evening. Man, it was good to be HOME! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Atlanta, but we are all SO ready to be home for good!

Saturday morning, Aidan and I visited with my grandparents, Mema and Mepa, in the hospital. My grandfather has had such a difficult couple of years, but he is one tough old bird. We brought lots of artwork that the boys had made to brighten up his room! Aidan was exceptionally well behaved at the hospital, and we had a very nice visit.

Later that afternoon, the boys and I headed to Tybee to get our pirate on at the Pirate Fest Parade! Mimi had her pirate supplies ready for us, and she set to work transforming my little monkeys into a fierce band of pirates! Seriously cute pirates, at that! See?




Nanny Ange and Baby Kayley even got in on the fun! Couple of wenches!


Grandma Reta and the little pirates!

The parade was a LOT of fun, especially with Mimi, Papa, and Nanny!




The pirates in the parade were very entertaining!




After the parade, we headed back to Mimi and Papa's house for a visit with baby Kayley and Grandma Reta! Ashwin Michael became a green-eyed monster BIG time when his Reta held baby Kayley!

Aidan and Kayley, sweet cousins!

And here is the sweetest photo EVER - Ace and his Reta!

Sunday, we hung around at home for most of the day. Andy and the boys watched some football, and I got us ready for our return to Atlanta on Monday morning (laundry, packing, organizing Aidan's school work, etc.) You know, the REALLY fun stuff. That evening, Mimi and Papa took Aidan to evening mass at Sacred Heart, and out to dinner with Mema afterwards. (Now I was a little nervous about this plan, but Aidan wanted to go, so we had him ready and waiting when Mimi and Papa arrived.) I hadn't heard anything from Mimi and Papa yet, and then I got this message on my facebook wall! Thanks Donnie!

Donald Bell: I saw a well behaved little man tonight at Sacred Heart!

Allie Sheffield Pence: I LOVE this! I was cautiously optimistic, and he wanted to go. So glad he was good!

Donald Bell: You should be very proud!

WOW! SO proud of my little man! Way to go, Aidan! And THANK YOU BRAIN BALANCE!

Monday morning, we headed back to Atlanta, bright and early. Well, not quite as early as i had hoped, as usual. And the weather was TERRIBLE for most of the trip. But the boys were mostly good in the car, and we made it to Brain Balance exactly on time (WHEW!) It was raining when we left, so PLAY place was more crowded than usual - we took a pass on that for the day and hit the Red Box on the way home for a flick. I made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner, and we watched a movie before bed. The boys were exhausted, so bedtime was fairly smooth.

And now I am officially VERY close to caught up - and also very close to my 600 word count. Tuesday was pretty fun - story time and fire trucks (and lots of cute photos!) And I had a super awesome meeting about Aidan today with Dr. Pete, which I promise to tell you all about tomorrow! Right now, my bed is a-calling my name!

Much love,


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